Other Dimensions

Today I was sitting in my room and i remember of my past places where I used to live. I lived in England in Boston,Colchester and Rome in Italy. I was thinking about my life in those cities and places i used to walk.It seems so weird when I remember this it looks like it was just yesterday.It passed so fast and when you think all life is just a moment and all good or bad times we have is just a short second. It looks strange when you think now i am somewhere else and those places exist at this moment and life is going there in the same speed as every normal day. So some people say i don’t believe in Life after death. But how do we know it doesn’t exist? Just that we are somewhere else and can’t see it. It doesn’t mean there isn’t Heaven or Hell.

Visiting place from my dream

I want to tell you a bit about my  background I am from Lithuania,Europe. It all happened when I was 14 years old.I went to bed and  had a  dream about a place I never been or seen it or could possible seen it. I was never before in this place .While  dreaming I  saw my self in a beautiful city which in my mind it felt it was USA or Canada for some reason. Because of architecture seemed similar and on my mind i felt it was somewhere there. In the drem the day was cloudy or like a bit foggy like autumn. I was standing on the intercestion road and was walking slowly to the top of the hill. There was red brick buildings which seemed a bit round not usual straight form with black window shutters. All the street looked identical and on the top of the hill there was this small park.You might say but all american cities and streets looks the same. Well yes,but the thing I saw this street in my dream ,not any other.When I wake up from this dream I though wow it was such a beautiful city. I though it was only my imagination. For many years passed and I almost  forgot about this dream. Until maybe 2011 I was walking on google street view and I though It would be Interesting to check how Boston looks like. I haven’t even seen it before. So I was walking around many streets in Boston and I noticed this street which reminded me of my dream where i was standing on this road intersection and the buildings which seemed so familiar.So i went on the hill and I saw the same park like from my dream and the whole buildings. I was so surprised when i saw this. It was just like I dreamed. Since then I had on my mind that I wish to visit Boston. But well I never planed this trip seriously until After 4 years I made unexpected trip to New York and It happened that I decided to go also to Boston on the way.So My dream became reality and even the weather was just like in a dream. Sometimes weird things happened we dream of places we never been and who knows maybe they are somewhere where we never been or might show our future.

MY first trip in Rome

My first trip to ESM-Emmanuel school of Mission. Since i felt God  first calling me on Mission was half year ago. I used to watch those Christian tv channels and just though you know. How i would like if I could go on such missions to africa or like they do street evengelisation in US.As well i though how great would be if someone from abroad would do that in my city Vilnius. Because i never seen that in Lithuania.I remember i prayer about it and i didn’t knew that God gona answer my prayer so fast. 

      Just after few week i hear on TV about this ESM- Emmanuel school of Mission coming to my city to do mission. I don’t why but I really felt excited to go to this even. I remember I went to the church there was a mercy night. I have wrote on the paper for prayer request. That i want to have christian friends because i was totally alone in faith. Had no christian friends since my conversion. Also i want to find a christian youth community that i could join and that God would start to change my life. After i just left the church i met the student of ESM in front of the church. Like someone shout ” Hey how was the mass” ? I beging talking with two students we really became friends in those 3 days. It was so sad that they had to leave. After i met them really God started working in my life everything begin changing. I traveled after so much like i visited 7 countrys in few months,found christian communitys,meet many christians.